Join R Systems in the #SwimAtHome Challenge

In R Systems we have a long track record and many miles covered in charitable marathons. A #swimathon however is something new for us, while in #swimathome we are all first-timers.

Swimathome challenge
Every year, the Swimathon competition gathers NGOs, companies and single supporters who raise funds for charitable projects by taking part in actual swimming competitions. As nothing is like it used to be this year, the swimathon became #SwimAtHome so we can all get involved while staying safely at home, donating for a cause and taking part into an entertaining challenge. R Systems is joining the #SwimAtHome competition as the R Systems Divers team. What we #swimathome for? The kids from the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities are going through rough times especially during this pandemic. Their parents can hardly afford to offer them a warm meal and this is where we step in and wish to contribute. A 10 RON (2 Eur) donation ensures the one-day meal for one child; a donation of 240 RON (50 EUR) covers a child’s meals for a whole month. Imagine the joy you can bring to a child with as little as pocket money and a kind gesture. Donate here until July 17 but don’t forget to have fun in the mean time! We at R Systems Europe will show the world how we and our families can swim at home so follow us on the social media to see pictures of our swimming gear: lifeline, water goggles, swimming caps, rubber ducks or anything that may inspire us to daydream about splashy summer days and normal lives for all. Later edit: R Systems Europe has decided to take on the challenge at corporate level and double the total amount raised by our colleagues in the campaign. We are happy that our efforts have helped ensure hot meals for a whole month for more than 30 children in the “Policy Center for Roma and Minorities”.

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