Developments in the R Systems automated testing tool

We are announcing a new testing tool release bringing on a series of new developments and improvements around specific plugins, as well as our entire test automation product – TOP Testing Suite.

R Systems Europe TOP Testing Tool (TTS) is a modular solution based on JMeter with open-source elements and R Systems Europe plugins, such as Diameter, SS7, SIP, RTP, SMPP, etc. With this release our product development team have brought improvements around the following plugins/protocols: Diameter Client, Server and Stack, LDAP, Telnet/SSH and SS7.
The main improvements include: new Listener TTS Diameter AVP Assertion, new functionality SCTP MultiHoming, support for creating LDAP Proxy, timeout enhancement on TTS functions, improved performance of the SSH Sampler and updated “Text to wait” for functionality. Developments have been also been made in the entire TTS product such as: upgrade to JMeter 5.2.1. core, Function Helper menu has new combo box to filter functions per plugin. More product news include: new TCP Dump plugin with comparison features, capability of adding JMeter third-party libraries into installer, HTTP2 client and Server improvements, support for Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA), new powerful Controllers BDD and Retry. In order to comply with the quality assurance needs of our users, as well as our own internal testing activities, R Systems Europe is engaged in constantly updating and improving the automated testing product. TTS is also a key solution to support the DevOps, cloud and 5G technology roadmaps of our clients. For more details, check out the latest case study and testimonials by tier-1 operator, Sprint.
For more details regarding the recent testing tool release or solution features, please view the solution page or contact us directly at

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