Making the Earth Greener, One Tree at a Time: Spring Tree Planting Results in Romania and Moldova

We strongly believe in the importance of environmental conservation, and we have always been passionate about projects that support this cause. Tree planting is one of the essential activities in our CSR policy, and we’re proud to have so many colleagues that choose to get involved each year.

This spring was no exception. As we wrap up our latest tree planting initiative, we wanted to take the time to thank all our participating colleagues and reflect on the impact of our actions.

In Romania, we partnered once again with Padurea Copiilor Association, this time to aid in the forestation of Florești-Stoenești, Giurgiu. Here, the patch of unproductive land used to be covered in waste and the goal is to create 9,000 square meters of forest.

In total, 200 volunteers, adults and children, joined the planting to support these efforts. 21 of our colleagues joined, and it was lovely to see that they also brought along 16 children – thank you for teaching them the importance of caring for the environment!  Plus, we also had help from two adorable puppies!

Equipped with shovels, rubber boots, and lots of enthusiasm, the R Systems team managed to plant around 200 trees! In total, more than 1250 trees were planted, from the following species: elm, mulberry, ash, sour cherry, hawthorn, willow, hackberry, gorse.

On the same day, our colleagues from Chisinau also got together for a spring tree planting, powered by Hai Moldova NGO. 20 of our colleagues, accompanied by their 14 little helpers, traveled to Cruzesti to contribute to the area’s reforestation. The result? A fun day spent together and more than 500 planted acacia trees!

Once again, a big thanks to all those who participated. Your enthusiasm, teamwork, and can-do attitude really made a difference! From little seeds grow mighty trees! 🌱

Let’s have a look at some photos of our colleagues in action:

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