NFV SMSC application enabling operator to provide key enterprise service

Business case

Global IT, technology and enterprise product company was looking to develop an NFV (network function virtualization) SMSC (short message service application on top of its messaging platform, to be deployed to a major operator in Europe.

R Systems contribution

The client contracted R Systems to develop a custom SMSC application on top of its existing messaging platform. The main application requirements included:

  • highly configurable routing of messages according to specific criteria (number length, prefix, white/blacklisting, special cases, etc.);
  • automatic deployment of configuration changes.

Virtual SMSC (allowing separate configuration and routing rules for multiple tenants) and virtual mobile (allowing the reception of short messages from foreign subscribers) were additional features incorporated in the application delivered by R Systems.

For the implementation of the SMSC application, R Systems provided an experienced team skilled in orchestration frameworks and rule engines, SMS protocols (MAP, SMPP, UCP), automatic deployment using Chef, and system integration. R Systems experts also provided valuable front-end consultancy in relation with the end operator regarding the entire platform and the SMSC product.

Customer benefits

The application enables the operator to provide a key enterprise service with increasing traffic volume: peer-to-application/application-to-peer short messages between enterprise clients and their individual customers. As a result, text messaging can be used as a quick and trusted route for communication, enabling end users to easily interact with preferred brands and companies. 


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