VoLTE implementation for tier-1 operator awarded “best network in Austria in 2019”

Business case and R Systems contribution

Magenta Telekom launched VoLTE for customers in 2018 and is preparing to extend it to business clients in 2019. R Systems, long-term partner of Magenta Telekom, has been providing development and maintenance of the operator’s Service Development Platform which handles 10 different services for customers. R Systems is responsible with:
  • Service development using Metaswitch/ OpenCloudRhino, JSLEE, MySQL Cluster, Signalware, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Spring Framework, Apache Camel, Kamailio load balancer.
  • Development of automated testing suites to support verification of regression throughout the entire testing process, using Metaswitch/OpenCloud test tools, Robot framework and own R Systems testing suit.
  • VoLTE integration, introducing 6 new interfaces and ensuring the solution works properly with all network elements.
  • Enhancing the service to business customers, expanding the solution to work with new architecture while making the service transition seamless for the end user.
R Systems’ role extends beyond a technology partner to specialized business consulting for the most efficient methodologies, solutions and innovation ideas. Read more about R Systems expertise in VoLTE implementation projects.

Client benefits

Magenta Telekom recognized as number 1 operator with the “Best Network” in Austria in 2019, after the implementation of VoLTE technology and passing the two most important network endurance tests by prominent industry magazine connect. T-Mobile Austria logo For the full use case in .pdf format, please click here.


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