Our Agile journey in mobile app development

At R Systems, our project methodology for mobile app development has its roots in the Agile methodology and incorporates best practices and experience gathered during the years.

Although each project is different, this is a fairly standard process where we focus on customer involvement, flexible planning, constant evaluation and risk management. We strongly believe in regular communication with our clients to ensure the final product is exactly what is expected and needed.

Here are some of the milestones in our Agile journeys with each mobile app development project

Setting off on Agile journey in mobile app development

We organize our projects by splitting them into sprints of 2-3 weeks each.

We start the project with a kickoff meeting for the team to understand the project’s goals and vision, to know each other before starting to work together, and to set the expectations about what will be delivered by the team. We highly recommend clients to participate along with the entire project team.

Before each sprint we hold a sprint planning meeting with the entire project team. This is to decide the scope of the sprint, choose the user stories from the backlog that will help achieve this goal, and split the user stories into tasks and estimate them.

We keep the communication rolling by having short daily standup meetings. Team members can give and receive status from the other team members regarding previous day activities, planned activities and potential blockers.

At the end of each sprint the team presents the features they developed during the sprint. The feedback collected during the demo (including customer feedback) may result in changes in the backlog or features to be reconsidered or added.

After the demo, we hold the last meeting of the sprint: the retrospective. This is when we collect feedback about what went well and what didn’t, and we create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next sprint.

After all the work is done and the project was successfully delivered the team gathers for the last meeting of the project. During the lessons-learned meeting they provide feedback about the whole project execution in order to identify the areas for improvement. This is how we get better and better project by project.

For more info about our project, experience and expertise, check our dedicated webpage or contact us directly.

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