Our good deeds for the end of 2021

What keeps us in the company for years on end? 80% of our colleagues will simply answer: “people”. We trust our entire team to always be involved, teach, listen, and care for the ones around. Most impressive is that not only do our people care about their immediate teammates, but they are always eager to leave their mark and bring something to society.

Looking back on this year we’re proud of what we have achieved together in so many charitable actions supporting environmental protection, education, health, and social causes. 2021 is almost over but December has still been busy with fundraising, donations, and good deeds!
Here’s what we’ve been up to lately across our locations in:


🧴 Supporting vulnerable communities
In partnership with the Social Missionary Center “Icoana MD – Bucuria tuturor celor necăjiți”. our colleagues offered happier holidays to 50 vulnerable families in Moldova. They raised 600 EUR and purchased daily care, hygiene, and cleaning products as well as Christmas gifts and sweets for the children in these families. We believe that the Christmas spirit lies in generosity and care, and it is in our culture as a team to help and support the communities in need.


🎁 Make a difference in a child’s life. Celebrate his birthday!
Inima de copil is an NGO that provides day foster care for children, aged between 7-14 years old, from disadvantaged communities in Galati, Romania. In partnership with the association, we offered 30 children their first (!) birthday gift. Hand-written cards, toys, clothes, and sweets – our colleagues involved all their family members in offering these children an awesome first gift!

⚗️Joining the Creative IT Fest
Our crafty Creative IT community in Craiova has put up for sale their handmade Christmas objects and decorations, with all the benefits going to the autistic children center in Craiova. We accepted the challenge and turned each gift into a donation! This way, we helped “Visuri si Sperante” center to purchase modern equipment and assure therapy for children with autism.

♟️ Let’s play Chess4Education!
15 colleagues sharpened their chess skills in the Chess Practice tournament organized in December in partnership with Narada. Next step? In the upcoming year, we’ll take part in the official tournament of chess, and we will help 600 children from Curcani, Calarasi county in Romania to benefit from proper education infrastructure, trained teachers, and modern teaching methodology.

The company weighed in and contributed with donations of 50 EUR/player.


🏠 A home for Christmas
‘A home for Christmas’ is a new start in life for Zbyszek, a man with an inspiring life story. After losing his family and house, and having spent a big part of his life on the streets, with the help of the Dialog Association in Poland, he managed to get a job and an apartment.
We are helping him to turn an empty flat into a true home so R Systems and the team individually are contributing with donations to furnish his home.

We are very thankful to each and every one of you who took part throughout the entire year to build a better community. And now, as we are getting closer to the end of it, we wish you all to have a peaceful time, and may the upcoming year bring more thirst for good deeds!

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