R Systems Launches Groundbreaking Solution at Boomi World 2024 to Revolutionize Supply Chain Management

NOIDA, India– R Systems International Limited (a Blackstone portfolio company), a leading digital product engineering and technology company, launched a transformative solution at Boomi World 2024. EDI Partner Onboarding Solution is geared towards redefining supply chain management and empowering businesses with unparalleled efficiency and real-time insights. The launch of this solution underscores R Systems’ steadfast commitment to client-centric solutions and addressing the dynamic needs of its clients by driving tangible business outcomes.

EDI Partner Onboarding Solution

This AI powered solution leverages Boomi Integration, EDI and Flow in combination with R Systems expertise to democratize the partner onboarding process. Partner managers can seamlessly initiate and track onboarding activities. EDI configurations and testing are automated to streamline integration with backend ERP systems like SAP. Pre-built templates expedite the EDI testing and certification process, ensuring rapid supplier onboarding.

Key benefits

  • Giving businesses the ability to initiate, own, and track the partner onboarding process, ensuring real-time visibility into onboarding status.
  • Improve productivity by enabling faster onboarding, by intelligent automation of interactions between multiple stakeholders and manual processes.
  • Improve operational efficiency of the business, by cost reduction through automation, faster resolution of customer issues and by better collaboration with your partners.
  • Enable business resilience, by enabling business to respond to global supply chain risks rapidly and efficiently
  • Create end-to-end visibility for your supply chain, gain real-time insights on your customer fulfillment, procurement lead time and supply chain delays.

“For supply chain and procurement leaders, the prolonged process of partner onboarding poses persistent challenges, impacting procurement timelines and customer order fulfilment. The importance of this has never been higher than what we have seen during Covid and with new geo-political challenges emerging in the post-Covid world,” says Nitesh Bansal, CEO of R Systems. “The absence of visibility while having significant manual efforts further exacerbate these challenges. Addressing these critical pain points and drawing from decades of experience working with B2B enterprises, our AI powered, solution, built on Boomi iPaaS platform, marks a significant step towards enabling businesses in navigating market volatility with client-centric agility.”

To learn more about how our solutions can transform your procurement processes, visit https://www.rsystems.com/electronic-data-interchange-solutions/ or contact us at PR@rsystems.com.

About R Systems:

R Systems is a leading digital product engineering company that designs and develops chip-to-cloud software products, platforms, and digital experiences that empower its clients to achieve higher revenues and operational efficiency. Our product mindset and engineering capabilities in Cloud, Data, AI, and CX enable us to serve key players in the high-tech industry, including ISVs, SaaS, Internet companies, and product companies in telecom, media, finance, manufacturing, health and public services verticals.



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