R Systems university presentations in 2022

May & June were, in R Systems, all about students. We did a tour around Romania and Poland to introduce young, curious minds to our company, share the experience and invite them to join our teams.

Our first stop was on May 11th, in Galati, at “Dunarea de Jos” University, where we were invited to the job and internship fair organized by the Faculty of Automation, Computers, Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Our colleagues Liviu Beldiman (Delivery Manager in Galati), Adriana Stratulat (former R Systems intern, now full-time employee as Junior C Developer), and Stefania Moise (IT Recruiter) talked to students about our career opportunities, including this year’s edition of the Programming Academy.   

Next up on the list was Craiova (May 25th), where we met with the students from the Faculty of Sciences. Marius Stancalie (Delivery Manager, R Systems Craiova), Radu Mantale (Technical Lead), Ionut Simionescu (Junior Software Engineer), Cristina Schnel (IT Recruiter), and Roxana Rosca (Communications Specialist) introduced students to our internships, company benefits, and the technologies we use to support our clients’ digital transformation. 

Then was in Bucharest, where, for the third year in a row, we held a webinar for the students at the Polytechnic University, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology. Our colleague Razvan Rusu (Solution Architect) talked about the latest techs involved in Big Data & Distributed Systems in Telco; Alexandra Onisoru (IT Recruiter) and Andreea Grigore (Software Engineer) shared some insights into the R Systems internship experience and job opportunities for students.  

Our series didn’t end in Romania. Last stop – Poland. On the 13th of June, we were invited to the event at the Bialystok University of Technology organized by the Faculty of Computer Science. It was a great chance to introduce the students to the company, share our technical knowledge and invite them to join our teams. All that over a delicious pizza! Our colleagues Piotr Walicki, BU Director and Anna Kozoń, HR BP, attended the event with open minds and great energy ready to answer all the questions.  As for the presentation, Arkadiusz Niedźwiedziuk, Support Manager took care of the company’s overview and Stanisław Krasuski, Junior Cloud Engineer talked about Cloud. 

We were delighted to receive such a positive response from participants and meet so many skilled young students who wanted to delve into the latest techs and learn more about us! We thank our colleagues for their involvement in these presentations and look forward to other student events this year!   

If you’re a student and couldn’t make it to our presentations, don’t worry! You can learn more about our career opportunities and apply for an R Systems internship here!  

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