Sicap webcast during the R Systems anniversary virtual event

On November 14, 2012, during the R Systems two-decade anniversary virtual event, Sicap will hold a webcast about near field communication (NFC): Must do’s to turn trial into reality.

NFC services and the inherent security of the operator-owned SIM will put the operator back in the driving seat, with a walled garden of secure services. But why should mobile operators decide now if they want to move to NFC? Is the market really ready for NFC services? After many successful NFC trials over the last years, it is now time to turn them into real commercial services.

The mobile operators started sourcing TSM platforms, maybe even wallet solutions, as well as NFC enabled SIM cards & handsets and are feeling technically ready to launch massively the NFC services. But we noticed that many questions are still not answered by the typical TSM only or TSM & wallet set up, and this could harm the success of this new era. The speaker, Stéphane Jayet, is one of the few NFC experts who understands both SIM and Device aspects of NFC projects. Stéphane has achieved this level of expertise over his career, firstly in the Smart card industry with Oberthur Technologies and since 2008 in the domain of device management with Sicap. Stéphane now deploys this dual expertise to innovate and successfully position the Sicap NFC product portfolio.

This Sicap webcast is part of the Smart Solutions for Next Generation Telcos virtual event which will be live on 14th and 15th of November. Register and watch webinars and webcasts hosted by major players in the communication industry, R Systems trusted partners: Acision, Amdocs, CSMG, DigitalRoute, Lumata, OpenCloud, Sandvine, SAP, Sicap and Siemens.

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