Webinar: 3 Practical Ways to Maximize Your Business Agility with IPA

View our Intelligent Process Automation powered by Google Cloud to learn how to build your roadmap for automating complex document flows, increase operational agility and lower your operational costs.

No more manual tasks, no bottlenecks, no more errors and hence no more rework are just some of the first benefits experienced by companies taking on the digital journey with IPA. Whether you’re in banking, insurance, legal, human resources, healthcare or public sector, we believe gaining business efficiency shouldn’t be complicated. Join R Systems and Google Cloud to learn:
  • How to reduce errors, human effort and increase employee productivity by 40% using Google Cloud AI capabilities and RPA
  • How to achieve accurate data capture and instantly read, extract, interpret and process data even from handwritten documents, images or scans
  • R Systems IPA use cases for migrating to paperless processes with specific pre-built integrations, workflows and configurations examples.
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