Webinar: Innovate-Test-Release, Fast. Powered by Automated Testing

View the webinar jointly hosted by R Systems and Swisscom discussing how to turn automated testing into a business competitive advantage.

Our speakers, R Systems System Architects and Swisscom DevOps Engineer, will guide you through a comprehensive assessment of the framework for achieving virtual zero-touch testing, near-zero faults, quick product release and market success. 
Get insights on how to reduce risk & fix defects early in the development process, how to choose the right test automation solution and ultimately discover how companies like yours – by implementing continuous testing – have seen these results:
  • 40% faster time to market and substantial cost savings with deployment;
  • end-to-end testing with enhanced performance for massive testing capacity;
  • increased usability with virtual zero-touch test definition and low-coding;
  • consistent customer experience and virtual zero-fault in production.
Download the recording of the live webinar by filling in the form below


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