Celebrate White Cane Safety Day with Climb Again and R Systems

The white cane is an already well established symbol of blindness and tool of independence, while White Cane Safety Day is set on the 15th of October to celebrate the achievements of blind or visually impaired people.

On this occasion we were happy to receive the visit from our friends from Climb Again and celebrate together not only White Cane Safety Day but also the center’s 3rd anniversary. For us it was a great opportunity to learn more about the association’s plans for next year and to remember our projects together, including the recent ascent of the Romanian paraclimbing team on Mount Elbrus.

We are supportive of all the association’s projects focusing on the inclusion and the independence of visually impaired and blind children and teenagers.

Truth be told, it was an eye-opening experience, when Angelo, our visually impaired child guest, spoke proudly about the competitions he attended this year. Along with his guide, he challenged our colleagues to walk through the office blindfolded, using only the white cane for direction. Check out the image gallery to see how well (or not) we’ve done. Angelo also helped us experience the use of a mobile phone as it works for a blind person: all black screen and vocal commands only.

We are looking forward to our next meeting with the Climb Again team at their 3rd anniversary celebration on October 15 and we are enthusiastic about our future projects together in 2022.

Don’t forget you can also support Climb Again Association by sending an SMS at 8844 with the text VEZI and donate €2.

Climb Again Association is an NGO affiliated to the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (Federația Română de Alpinism și Escaladă – FRAE), founded and led by Claudiu Miu, Balkan climbing champion. Starting with 2014 Climb Again provides free climbing, kinetic, physiotherapy and psychotherapy sessions for visually impaired and blind children and teenagers. .

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