How mobile operators can overcome the challenges of LTE roaming

While long-term evolution (LTE) bears the promise of very high transfer speeds, that will improve current telecommunication services and clear the path for new ones, we are still away from seeing it adopted on global scale. Residents of developed countries are already experiencing LTE benefits like high speed web browsing, high quality video streaming, online gaming and other innovative services; but these LTE implementations are limited and don’t expand into all emerging markets and this leads to compatibility issues when switching between different networks. This doesn’t mean that service providers in less developed countries are not keeping the pace with the latest technology trends; market reports show that in 2012 most emerging market operators have conducted trials and evaluations and some even deployed small LTE covered areas as trial but without rushing to implement it on a large scale.

With so many different standards serving customers worldwide, roaming between networks can raise issues for end-users which in turn can affect operator’s revenues because of low customer satisfaction levels. Service providers can overcome inevitable LTE roaming challenges with professional solutions designed specifically for this purpose.

To help communication service providers overcome LTE roaming challenges, relying on more than 20 years of telecom software experience, R Systems has developed a professional solution that enables seamless 4G evolution: R Systems Diameter Signaling Platform.

Diameter Signaling Platform is the cost-effective, high-performance and flexible answer for effective Diameter traffic management together with flexible routing, load balancing, security, message adaptation and protocol translation capabilities for 4G /LTE /IMS and 2G/3G networks. It helps telecommunication service providers address all challenges of Diameter signaling storm and roaming in LTE issues.

R Systems DSP provides high quality of service for end-users and enables telecommunication investors to monetize the significant impact of LTE while continuing to manage and deliver value for existing technologies and services.

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