What’s R Systems Diameter Signaling Platform all about?

Foreseeing the needs of well established telecommunication providers that struggle to offer high quality services with high costs pressures, R Systems team developed Diameter Signaling Platform, a vital tool for the efficient telecommunication networks of today and tomorrow.

The new tool was built around Diameter Protocol, the most used protocol in LTE for signaling across all core network elements; it exists everywhere in the network and is crucial to billing and charging, traffic and subscriber management, subscriber authentication, mobility management, and roaming services.

Diameter Signaling Platform was designed to answer increasing CSPs challenges such as high traffic volume, necessity for multi-vendor interoperability, complex mesh of connections, routing and provisioning, network stability and security. It seamlessly connects new innovative services or network elements that rely on high-speed mobile broadband together with flexible charging scenarios and real-time quality of service (QoS).

R Systems Diameter Signaling Platform is a cost-effective, high-performance and flexible product that provides effective Diameter traffic management, flexible routing, load balancing, security, message adaptation and protocol translation capabilities for 4G /LTE /IMS and 2G/3G networks. It helps telecommunication service providers address all challenges of Diameter signaling storm and roaming in LTE issues.

Roaming in LTE is currently considered a problem and global interoperability is not yet guaranteed; this is largely so because of the all-IP nature of LTE that provides a major bandwidth improvement at the cost of compatibility issues when switching to other networks. Due to the fundamental differences in LTE architecture telecom operators are forced to change their switched network protocols to new specifications like the ones found in Diameter Signaling Platform. Operators adopting solutions like Diameter Signaling Platform from experienced telecom solutions and service providers will overcome roaming in LTE challenges and will be able to provide high level quality of services based on seamless interoperability with legacy networks and other 4G systems.

Please check our Diameter Signaling Platform solution page for more information.

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