Webinar: No Code & Low Code Through A Developer’s Critical Eye

R Systems and FormulaDB jointly hosted a free webinar on one of the hottest topics of the software industry today: the low-code & no-code trend and its disruptive effects.

What if building digital products is no longer reserved to formally trained IT professionals? What if everyone can be a tech-savvy person and initiate the digital transformation of a business?
No-code and low-code trends have emerged as the industries strongest disruptors but let’s explore how it all looks from a developer’s critical perspective.

Discover more about:

  • Issues and challenges in making software development more efficient
  • Public clouds AWS/Azure vs private clouds
  • Solutions in the ecosystem: differences, similarities, overlaps
  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • PaaS/FaaS/Serverless/DBaaS
  • Tools: Vagrant, Docker, Docker Compose, kubectl, Kustomize, Skaffold
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal
  • No Code vs Low Code
  • No-code platforms and use cases
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