R Systems joining the Romanian IT industry in social responsibility initiatives for local communities

ANIS (Asociatia Patronala a Industriei de Software si Servicii) has recently released a press announcement regarding the corporate social responsibility projects of its member organisations.

R Systems, as member of the ANIS organization, is proud to have contributed in projects and campaigns in four major areas of social engagement, specifically: healthcare, education, environment and recycling, and social support.
The total contribution of the Romanian IT sector in healthcare projects, especially in the current pandemic situation, has been of over 900,000 euros raised for the fight against Covid-19. R Systems has raised funds for direct sponsorships to various medical institutions in order to cover a part of their needs for testing, medical devices, doctors’ protection equipment or various other products. The company also engaged its employees in making individual donations as part of campaigns organized in partnership of local NGOs both in Bucharest and Galati.

Some of our initiatives included sponsorships for “Daruieste Viata”, fundraising challenges #Scutpentruspitale and #SwimAtHome, donations for Arta ADHD and “Spitalul Clinic de Boli Infectioase” in Galati.

Education is another domain where we in R Systems contributed along side other IT companies and employees in Romania to helping over 72,000 pupils, students and teachers. The projects include programming courses, IT scholarships, mentorship programs for young people in vulnerable groups or environments.

R Systems initiated a mentorship program for highschool children in Galati helping them to develop their skills and knowledge in IT and software development. Our colleagues are also regular volunteers with #AjungemMari helping kids from disadvantaged families to continue and develop their education in schools.

Over 10 tons of materials have been recycled by IT companies over the last 2 years.

In partnership with “Ateliere fara Frontiere“, R Systems recycled 1 ton of electronic equipment from its inventory in Bucharest. We also made donation to 4 NGO after raising funds from an internal IT garage sale. In January 2019 we started the cooperation with Recicleta, a project resulting in the collection of 226 kilos of recyclable materials which meant saving 1 tree from cutting and 892 kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

2020 has been a challenging year and Romanian IT companies have done an amazing job at putting together financial, material and human resources to support a wide range of social responsibility projects. Independently, with the support of their own employees or through a network of over 50 NGOs, IT organisations have set an example of corporate responsibility with positive impact onto the lives of thousands, as well as different areas of our society.

To read the full content of the press release (in Romanian) check here.

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