Celebrating the Polish Offices

For R Systems in Poland the month of October, or Październik, as our Polish colleagues call it, means celebration. Why? We started this month by celebrating our two offices in Poland – Warsaw and Bialystok.

In autumn of 2001, we opened our doors for the first time in Poland, in Warsaw, under the name of Computaris. Later, in the spring of 2011, the ribbon was cut in the Eastern side of Poland, opening the doors of the second office, in Bialystok.

11 years later and a pandemic in between made us gather around the dance floor and celebrate our 10th anniversary one year later (but 11 years are important as well!).

Fast forward to 2021 and dozens of people later, we celebrated our 20th and 10th anniversaries,  in the city center, with surprises, former employees, guests but especially with a lot of good moods and longing to see one another. This time, under the name of R Systems Europe. The same spirit under a new coat, we would say.

We want to thank everyone for their collaboration and dedication, and we are looking forward to continuing working along with great people!

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