Press release: Patria Bank optimizes the digital customer experience by implementing R Systems solutions

Patria Bank and R Systems are announcing the implementation of the intelligent document processing solution to support the bank’s digitalization strategy.

In  2021, Patria Bank continues its product and application development strategy for the implementation of innovative solutions that enable fast and secure online banking services.
In the context of this new stage of development, Patria Bank takes an important step into the direction of digital banking services by initiating complete online interactions with the clients. The partnership with R Systems supports the bank’s digitalization strategy through the implementation of intelligent document processing solutions.

The solution developed by R Systems, based on the latest Microsoft Azure technology, allows increased efficiency in the client onboarding process offering quick and effective access to banking services. 

As compared with traditional technology, the R Systems solution can reduce by more than 75% the processing time of personal identity documents uploaded by the clients during the online onboarding process and, consequently, reduce their waiting time in the overall service contracting flow. The solution also provides all the advantages of the Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence services in terms of data accuracy and security, as per the strict requirements of personal data processing regulations.

Incorporating the automated document processing solution is an important element in the strategy to launch new digital products and services and ensuring an easy digital experience for Patria Bank’s customers. R Systems’ expertise in state of the art technologies and development of innovative products allowed us to implement this solution extremely fast, offering us the needed flexibility and agility in banking service digitalization.

In the cooperation with Patria Bank we bring a solid experience in the financial-banking field with the purpose to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital environment. We are also dedicated to a long term partnership to support the bank’s objectives for development, innovation and operational efficiency based on cloud computing, robotic automation and artificial intelligence solutions.

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Original press release, in Romanian, available here.

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