Due to rapid changes in telecom infrastructure, operators need to constantly manage differences between network planning and the actual deployment. Having in mind the need to automate the processes and reduce the cost and effort of configuration management and planning, R Systems have designed the configuration audit solution.

The configuration audit solution is a platform and vendor-independent, scalable and cutting-edge technology solution which allows the collaborative, yet centralized management of the network.


With the configuration audit solution you can:
  • automatically audit the differences between your network planning and actual deployments
  • store and backup configuration versions for each network element on a regular basis
  • generate automatic reports based on your custom scheduled audits
  • write your own plugins using the open API
  • easily replicate part of your network configuration through an inheritance mechanism


Deployed in one central location or in a geographically distributed manner, on bare hardware or in a virtualized environment, the configuration audit solution:
  • ensures consistent quality and continuity of processes
  • saves time with operation and maintenance flows
  • fills in the gap between network planning and engineering departments
  • prevents downtimes due to misconfiguration settings
  • helps you make better business decisions
For more details about the solution, please view the presentation here and contact us to get in touch with an expert.


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