R Systems SIGTRAN SS7 is a software solution which works as an effective enabler for connecting new mobile applications to the existing signaling network of an operator.

Our SIGTRAN SS7 solution exposes a Java API (JAIN TCAP) offering application providers a convenient TCAP abstraction layer for building custom solutions that require signaling capabilities. Some examples are MAP applications (SMS, MAP Firewalls, USSD applications, etc.), CAMEL/INAP Call Control applications.

SIGTRAN SS7 offers a complete implementation for M3UA, SCCP and TCAP layers, works in a cluster and is entirely implemented in Java. It is a high performance product with load sharing, high availability and redundancy support, independent of hardware, easily deployable and horizontally scalable as new nodes can be easily added to the cluster to increase capacity. The solution can be offered with complete integration and is all backed-up with our complete support services.

Already deployed by a large mobile operator as part of the OpenCloud solution, the stack has gained wide interest among carriers due to its simplicity, performance, and cost effectiveness.

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