In over 20 years of experience with voucher management solutions, Computaris has deployed complex systems at global telecom operators and non-telco organizations managing more than 100 million vouchers for 15 million subscribers.

Our voucher management offering (VMS) includes a comprehensive portfolio of on-premise and cloud based voucher management solutions. 

Voucher management solutions

SRS on premise

Tier-1 operators

VMS on premise & as a service

Tier-2/3 operators


Non-telco organizations

SRS on premise

Recharge solution for (e)vouchers, credit card recharges and partner recharges via ATM, POS, etc.

  • Supports multiple billing systems
  • Centralized recharge management platform
  • Designed for high throughput

VMS on premise & as a service

Software solution enabling MNOs/MVNOs to handle the lifecycle of prepaid recharge vouchers and the interaction with 3rd parties and apps, in a highly secure manner.

  • Lightweight solution, deployable in only 3 weeks

Voucher Management as a Service

Cloud application which enables the use of digital vouchers for SME’s marketing campaigns.

End-to-end management of QR code-based vouchers from a single application: configure, distribute, redeem, report.

Shift from stamped, untraceable vouchers to digital reward programs and actionable customer data to increase spending, encourage repeat visits and attract new customers.

  • easy, fast and convenient loyalty programs
  • no IT complexity
  • no hardware acquisition


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